Events, Interiors, and Media


I am a photographer with a passion for storytelling and video, currently based in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.


Born in Ukraine, I grew up in New York, and then lived many years living in various counties around the world. I have worked on stories in Mexico, Burma, Thailand, Nepal, and throughout the United States.


I have spent recent years working in the area of media empowerment, helping people tell their own stories. In Nepal, I co-founded an arts nonprofit called Sattya Media Arts Collective.


Currently, I work as a photo editor for photographers who shoot weddings, family portrits, and corporate events around Hawai'i. I also work with non-professionals as consultant on digital photo management and occasionally teach workshops on topics such as Lightroom and SLR photography. I am also working on developing my skills as a documentary family photographer.